Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ryan, this blog is for you. If you click on a picture it should go up the 800 x 600 size, and you can copy them out of the blog. I took them at a higher resolution, so if you want any of them larger, let me know and I'll send them individually to you. The bike is back in the garage and will be kept clean and ready to load around the first week in April.
Another shot of the right side. It was fun riding the bike over to this little lake for these pictures this afternoon. It feel good and runs strong.
The Forcewinder with K&N filter and optional cover on it.
Nomad wheels, front and rear. Also dual disk front brakes with Stainless steel lines. The tires are Dunlop III's.
The Lindy engine guard, Bub's pipes, (I think they are Bub's, I'll find out for sure. ....can't remember, but know they cost over $500 bucks! And, the Force winder with the K&N air filter, mounted with an SCP adaptor. Because of the air flow this set up allows, the larger Mean Streak valves, and an adjustable carb instead of the fuel injection, this 1500 make more HP than a stock Classic would have. The engine is a very low mileage 2003.
The left side more from the front.
The clean front end. There are a couple of very small 'dings' in the inside of the left fork cover from a little bang that Scorpion had. It would be cheap and easy to replace the cover if you are a perfectionist, but it really doesn't detract fromt he appearance. Check out the Nomad wheel and the dual disk brakes. You won't find those kind of "stoppers" on another Classic!
Left side of the bike, showing the chrome billet ignition switch and choke handle location,
Just a shot of the left rear. These are Progressive Suspension shocks. The bags are very thick and well made, and are hard mounted using Ghost Brackets.
You can see the cover over the key hole on the Ghost bracket. Just a quick turn and the bags will easily pull off. This plate doesn't go with the bike, it was off something else. Since Scorpion kept the Washington plate to use on the Harley he bought, I just stuck this on one so I could ride it out to take some pictures. I'll put the bike back in storage now until it's ready to load up the first week in April.
The Windvest is small enough to look nice, yet it really keeps the wind off you. Nice chrome bracket looks good too. It's ver well built..
The Tradwinds billet headlight and the chromed billet mounting bracket. It's really hard to believe what this light housing with the optional parts for it cost!
Forcewinder and the Kuryakyn Foot brake cover.
Chromed billet oil fill cap.
Not a good picture, but this is a chrome passenger pet. There are LEDs in the back of them, so when you put on the turn signal, they flash in back. Pretty cool, but you can't see them from behind when the saddle bags are on.
The Laid down plate bracker and frame. Notice the zipper on the saddle bag. There is a piece that come with them, that allows you to zip them together for carrying, or so you can use them as 'throw over' bags on a different bike if you want. They are made of very heavy leather. The are locked on with Ghost brackets, easy on and off.
The passenger seat and rider backrest on the 3 piece Mustang seat.
3 piece Mustang Seat.
Billet dash cover, Drag specialties riser and top clamp, Windvest chrome mounting bracket for the windshield, and a Windshield pouch for carrying stuff. Also a chromed billet gas cap.
Wide chrome levers, custom mirrors, Fire and Steel clutch reservoir cover.
Vista cruise throttle lock. Fire and steel reservior cover, ISO grip with palm rocker
The ignition Key and choke relocation in Billet alluminum.